Google Android contains j.u.c

Great news: Android.jar contains package java.util.concurrent and sub-packages atomic and locks.

It also contains intriguing org.apache.http.util.concurrent containing classes Executor.java and ThreadFactory.java.

It has of course many more packages. It seems to be more than Java SE, rather than something between Java ME and Java SE. It looks like Google removed a few packages from SE and added their own. For example, they have removed, awt, Swing, corba.

I hope the speech recognition API works.

I also hope that it has better APIs than current Java open source products for accessing peripherals. These shouldn't be too hard to beat, the JCP-issued APIs being so poor at it. Android seems to have a generic way for programs to communicate with the OS and with services running on a device, including peripherals. The Java world really needed this badly (i.e., a way to integrate with peripherals) and we have been promised this by Sun et al. since 1996, but few were delivered. Soon we should know if Google has delivered it, by trying our Android apps in an emulator. But the final proof will be when the devices are out and the carriers/telcos are supporting them, probably in 12 months or so, if we are lucky.

Will we have to move to a different country in order to be able to use some of cool apps on Android, including our own?


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