Ms Crawford sells IBM Roadrunner

Catherine Crawford, cait@alum.mit.edu, chief architect for next-generation systems software at IBM Systems Group's Quasar Design Center, writes here.

"Where's the software to take advantage of all these processors, cores and threads?"

"IDC's Earl Joseph concluded in a study on technical computing software that 'many ISV codes today scale only to 32 processors, and some of the most important ones for industry don't scale beyond four processors' (www.hpcwire.com/hpc/43036ยง0. html)."

The Roadrunner system from IBM is alledged to enabled easier development of multithreading software but does not provide substancial information. The reader must then google Roadrunner IBM in order to get the marketing material on this new product line. Exactly what IBM wants us to do so that we may come to believe that Roadrunner is a solution, if we read enough about it.


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